Independent label: Abuse Records Started Out As A Fanzine. Vyvyan Was Formed In Croydon In 1996 And Disbanded In 2002 Band  Mambers Was Hannah Montaigue (Vocals, Guitar), Amanda Faircloth (Vocals, Bass), Holly May (Vocals, Guitar), Ruth Slatter (Vocals, Drums, Trumpet, Piano)Manufactured And Distributed By.

98 Not Traced ABUSE ABUSE 001
98 Vyvyan  Teenage Wannabe ABUSE ABUSE 002
98 Vyvyan  Mood Swings (Ep)  ABUSE ABUSE 003
98 Not Traced ABUSE ABUSE 004
98 Not Traced ABUSE ABUSE 005
99 Vyvyan  Do Me A Favour  ABUSE ABUSE 006

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