Independent Label for releasing records via the London based punk shop Acupuncture. Manufactured And Distributed By Pinnacle Records. Acupuncture Records. Former Address: 83 Compton Street Soho London W.1.


94 Flying Medallions Rapist ACUPUNCTURE JISM 1
94 Flying Medallions Boy Racer ACUPUNCTURE JIZ 02
94 All New Accelerators  Christians On Crack  ACUPUNCTURE JIZ 03
94 Flying Medallions Gangsta  ACUPUNCTURE JIZ 04
94 Fist Fuck  Deluxe Mechanoia (12")  ACUPUNCTURE JISM 5
94 Wildlife On Won  Love So Strong (10")  ACUPUNCTURE JISM 6

99 Black Lodge Untitled  ACUPUNCTURE ACU 01

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