Independent label: Alopecia Records was run by Hipbone Slim [aka Sir Bald Diddley]. Alopecia Records Former Address: 35, Mill Lane Benson Oxford OX10 6SA. Distributed By Alopecia Records.

95 Sir Bald Diddley   Savage ALOPECIA WIG 001
96 Sir Bald Diddley & Right Honourable Big Wigs  More ALOPECIA WIG 002
96 Green Hornets Samantha  ALOPECIA WIG 003
96 Showman & The Thunderous Staccatos  Blow Gasser ALOPECIA WIG 004
96 Waistcoats  Valley Of The Mono Apes ALOPECIA WIG 005
96 Jamming Arabs  Are Coming  ALOPECIA WIG 006
96 Not Traced ALOPECIA WIG 007
96 Louie And The Louies  Standoff  ALOPECIA WIG 008
96 Sir Bald Diddley And His Wig Outs Tuck In ALOPECIA PIE 001

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