Independent label: Anonymous Records From Scotland Was Run By Disaffect's Bassplayer Andy. Anonymous Records Former Address 21 Greenholm Ave Clarkston Glasgow G76 7AJ Scotland. Distributed By Anonymous Records.

93 Disaffect  Home Of The Slave  ANONYMOUS ANON 1
93 Academy 23 Cameo For Earth : The 3Rd Gramaphone Record ANONYMOUS ANON 2
94 36 Crazy Fist At Last ANONYMOUS ANON 3
94 Whirling Pig Dervish  Three Small One Tall (Album)  ANONYMOUS ANON 4
96 Scatha Fuck  The System  ANONYMOUS ANON 5
97 Muckspreader  Dumbstruck  ANONYMOUS ANON 6
2000 Scatha / Dagda The Scatha / The Dagda (Ep) ANONYMOUS ANON 7

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