Independent label: August Records was a Short-lived Creation Records offshoot A&R'd by former Fire Records boss Dave Barker in the early 90s, with more of an indie-pop slant than its parent label but somewhat akin to its 80s roster. Acts included 18 Wheeler (later transferred to Creation), Eugenius (ex-Fire Records), Shonen Knife, Ween, Autohaze and Boyfriend. Distributed By Creation Records.

92 Shonen Knife  Riding On The Rocket AUGUST  CAUG 001
93 Boyfriend Hey Big Star (12") AUGUST  CAUG 002
93 Shonen Knife  Get The Wow AUGUST  CAUG 003
93 Ween Push Th' Little Daisies (12") AUGUST  CAUG 004
93 Eugenius  Caesar'S Vein  AUGUST  CAUG 005
93 18 Wheeler Nature Girl  AUGUST  CAUG 006

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