Independent label: Backwater Records was started by Steve Mann to release material by Bands/Artists from Ipswich and the surrounding area. The label is very much a cottage industry" with all the recording/mastering completed in the "attic studios" using 8-track and two track analogue equipment which gives all the backwater releases a warmth which seems to be missing from so much of today's "hyped" pop records. Manufactured And Distributed By Backwater Records.

93 Buffalo Road Mountain Doo BACKWATER  SUF 001
93 Tiny Clocks Finding The Needle in a Squeeze  BACKWATER  SUF 002
93 Exit 13 Soldiers & Sailors BACKWATER  SUF 003
93 Buffalo Road High Plains Rider BACKWATER  SUF 004
93 Tiny Clocks Mikado Midwinter BACKWATER  SUF 005
93 Wand When Summer Comes  BACKWATER  SUF 006
93 The Carpet Ride Candyfloss EP CD BACKWATER  SUF 007
93 Violent Playground The Great Die Young -10 BACKWATER  SUF 008
93 Holly Johnston Send me an Angel- 3 Track EP CD BACKWATER  SUF 009
93 Uncle Black Fireflies BACKWATER  SUF 010

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