Independent label: Basketcase Records Former Address: 4 Aberdeen House 22 Highbury Grove London N5 2ES. It managed Two singles. It issued singles in an FLOP-00 numerical series. FLOP 02 was a Various Artists Indie Record of Easter Egg-Splosion 1995  6-Track 7" Vinyl Ep. Issued Exclusively At The Easter Egg-Splosion Gig At Dingwalls In Camden On Sunday 16Th April 1995, Includes Tracks By Elevate, Bob Tilton, Snuff, Lung Leg, Quickspace Supersportand Prolapse. Distributed By TS Records.

95 Not Traced BASKETCASE FLOP 01
95 Various Artists Easter Egg-Splosion 16Th April 1995 BASKETCASE FLOP 02

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