Beachheads In Space Records was a DIY label. It managed Two singles. It issued singles in an BIS-000 numerical series. Animals That Swim are a musical group who formed in London, England, 1989, with a line-up of stand-up drums, piano, trumpet and "a nifty line in clever narrative lyrics. The band was initially formed by brothers Hugh Barker and Hank Starrs (born Jeffrey Barker), before adding a third brother to the line-up, Al Barker, along with Del Crabtree, initially on bass guitar, followed by the trumpet. Animals That Swim released their debut single, "King Beer", in 1992 via their own Beachheads In Space record label. It was a 7" vinyl-only release, limited to just 300 copies. Their second single, "Roy" (which took the form of an imaginary conversation with the ghost of Roy Orbison), was released the following year. Distributed By Beachheads In Space Records.

92 Animals That Swim  King Beer  BEACHHEADS IN SPACE BIS 001
93 Animals That Swim  Roy  BEACHHEADS IN SPACE BIS 002

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