Independent label: Spacemaid was a Britpop group, founded in Hull, England in 1992. The band consisted of vocalist Lonny Evans, guitarist Alan Jones, guitarist Mat Tennant, bassist Andy Burgess and drummer Chris Black. Manufactured And Distributed By Grapevine and Vital.

96 Spacemaid  Girl Who Sold The World  BIG STAR 07 STAR 101
96 Spacemaid  Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio BIG STAR STAR 102
97 Perfume  Lover BIG STAR STAR 103
97 Perfume One (Album) BIG STAR STAR C 104
97 Spacemaid  Baby Come On  BIG STAR STAR 105
97 Perfume You And I  BIG STAR STAR 106
97 Spacemaid  Supercool BIG STAR STAR 107

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