Diy label: Venini were a British guitar band formed in late 1998. They were formed by guitarist and violinist Russell Senior after his departure from Pulp, and also featured Debbie Lime (vocals), Nick Eastwood (bass), Rob Barton (drums), as well as help from Danny Hunt (keyboards). Charlie Collins of Clock DVA was a part time member on woodwind. Hunt's involvement ceased when his band Ladytron began to release records, and he was replaced by Michael Ash. They released just three singles during their lifetime - Mon Camion (1999), Carnival Star (1999) (both on the band's own Bikini Records) and the Unshaker EP (2000), which was available only via mail order from the band's website. Distributed By Bikini Records.

98 Venini Mon Camion BIKINI  BIKINI  1
99 Venini Carnival Star  BIKINI  BIKINI  2

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