Independent label: London based record label started in 1994 by Blow Up club founder Paul Tunkin. Music on the label ranges from 60s to New Wave, from Pop to Electronica; more or less reflecting and complementing the sensibility of the Blow Up club. The Blow Up label is responsible for compilations such as the 'Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend' music library series, 'Blow Up A-Go-Go: Dancefloor Classics' and several series of limited seven inches featuring bands from across Europe and the UK. The label has released for artists including Add N to X, Big Boss Man, The Bongolian, Baltic Fleet, Silvery, Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck, Neon Plastix, Alfa 9 and more reflecting the label's eclectic output. Manufactured By Blow Up Records. Former Address: Blow Up Records 10 Inverness Street, Camden Town, London, NW1. And Distributed By SRD.

94 Weekenders All Grown Up BLOW UP BLOW UP 001
95 Weekenders Man Of Leisure BLOW UP BLOW UP 002
95 Weekenders Inelegantly Wasted BLOW UP BLOW UP 003
96 Add N To X  Vero Electronics (Album) BLOW UP BLOW UP 004
95 Weekenders That Was Now But This Is Then (Album) BLOW UP BLOW UP 005
96 Various Artists Blow Up Presents Exclusive Blend Volume 1 (Album) BLOW UP BLOW UP 006
96 Va6  He Plays Like A Disease BLOW UP BLOW UP 007
87 Lucky 15  Snowflakes BLOW UP BU 008
97 Lucky 15  Colour Code White (Album) BLOW UP BU 009
97 Capri  Something Snaps BLOW UP BU 010
97 Various Artists Blow Up Presents Exclusive Blend Volume 2 (Album) BLOW UP BU 011
97 Cuff  Yellow Madda Cooli Vision BLOW UP BU 012
98 Komeda  Boogie Woogie BLOW UP BU 013
98 Elevators  Shave BLOW UP BU 014
99 Various Artists Blow Up A-Go-Go: Dancefloor Classics (Album) BLOW UP BU 015
99 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 016
2000 Big Boss Man  Sea Groove BLOW UP BU 017
2000 Big Boss Man  Humanize (Album) BLOW UP BU 018
2000 Various Artists Blow Up Presents Exclusive Blend Volume 3 BLOW UP BU 019
2000 Guy Pedersen  Indian Pop Bass BLOW UP BU 020
2001 Noonday Underground  Hello BLOW UP BU 021
2001 Big Boss Man  Big Boss Man BLOW UP BU 022
2001 Bongolian  Bongohead BLOW UP BU 023
2001 Various Artists Blow Up Presents Exclusive Blend Volume 4 (Album) BLOW UP BU 024
2001 The Bongolian  The Bongolian (Album) BLOW UP BU 025
2001 Frank Popp Ensemble  Hip Teens Don'T Wear Blue Jeans BLOW UP BU 026
2001 Big Boss Man  Winner (Album) BLOW UP BU 027
2005 Bongolian  Blueprint (Album) BLOW UP BU 028
2005 Rifles  Peace & Quiet BLOW UP BU 029
2005 Cdoass  Speak To Me BLOW UP BU 030
2005 Strip Music  24 Hrs BLOW UP BU 031
2005 Trap 2  Low Without Sound E.P (12") BLOW UP BU 032
2005 Alfa 9  For Your Bones BLOW UP BU 033
2005 Alfa 9  Then We Begin (Album) BLOW UP BU 034
2005 Neon Plastix  Prick Tease BLOW UP BU 035
2006 Eight Legs  Eight Legs BLOW UP BU 036
2006 Big Boss Man   Party 7 BLOW UP BU 037
2006 Alfa 9  Deadman BLOW UP BU 038
2006 Neon Plastix  Dream (Cd) BLOW UP BU 039
2008 Bongolian  Outer Bongolia BLOW UP BU 040
2008 Bongolian Feel It (Cd)  BLOW UP BU 041
2008 Silvery  Thunderer & Excelsior BLOW UP BU 042
2008 Mockingbird  Wish Me Luck (Cd) BLOW UP BU 043
2008 Silvery  Horrors BLOW UP BU 044
2008 Baltic Fleet  Black Lounge BLOW UP BU 045
2008 Mockingbird Wish Me Luck  BLOW UP BU 046
2008 Silvery  Devil In The Detail BLOW UP BU 047
2008 Silvery Action Force ?(CD) BLOW UP BU 048
2008 Silvery You Give A Little Love (CD BLOW UP BU 049
2009 Big Boss Man Full English Beat Breakfast ?(Album) BLOW UP BU 050
2009 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 051
2009 Mockingbird Moves On The Screen (CD) BLOW UP BU 052
2009 Big Boss Man Black Eye (I Believed In Love) ?(CD) BLOW UP BU 053
2010 Neon Plastix Awesome Moves (CD) BLOW UP BU 054
2010 Neon Plastix Gentlemen's Gold (CD) BLOW UP BU 055
2009 Big Boss Man C'est Moi (CD) BLOW UP BU 056
2010 Silvery Railway Architecture (CD) BLOW UP BU 057
2010 Silvery The Naked & The Dead ?(CD) BLOW UP BU 058
2010 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 059
2011 Bongolian Bongos For Beatniks (CD) BLOW UP BU 060
2011 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 061
2011 Bongolian The Riviera Affair (CD) BLOW UP BU 062
2011 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 063
2011 Bongolian Give It To Me (On The Left Side) Play Pause BLOW UP BU 064
2011 Bongolian Strange Lovers (CD) BLOW UP BU 065
2013 Alfa 9 Gone To Ground ?(CD) BLOW UP BU 066
2013 Fay Hallam & Bongolian Lost In Sound (CD) BLOW UP BU 067
2013 Baltic Fleet Towers (CD) BLOW UP BU 068
2013 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 069
2013 Baltic Fleet Engage (CD) BLOW UP BU 070
2013 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 071
2013 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 072
2013 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 073
2013 Fay Hallam & The Bongolian 'Freefall'  BLOW UP BU 074
2013 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 075
2013 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 076
2013 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 077
2013 Daiquiri Fantomas MHz Invasion (CD) BLOW UP BU 078
2013 Daiquiri Fantomas. Moon Raga BLOW UP BU 079
2013 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 080
2013 Alfa 9 Birling Gap BLOW UP BU 081
2013 David Woodcock Same Things (File) BLOW UP BU 082
2013 Not Traced BLOW UP BU 083
2013 Alfa 9 El Morocco (File) BLOW UP BU 084
2013 David Woodcock Beggars Can't Be Choosers BLOW UP BU 085

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