Independent label: Boy's Own Records was formed by Terry Farley Andrew Weatherall, Cymon Eckel, Pete Heller and Steven Hall (19901993), then in 1992 Terry Farley and Steven Hall began Junior Recordings Ltd., which started to use the label Junior Boy's Own. The label is sometimes known as JBO. Weatherall left to start his label and band Sabres of Paradise.issued singles in an BOI-0 numerical series. Distributed By London Records.

90 Bocca Juniors Raise BOYS OWN BOI 1
90 Jah Wobble Bomba ‎(12") BOYS OWN BOIX 2
90 Paradiso Here We Go Again  BOYS OWN BOI 3
90 Less Stress Don'T Dream It Over BOYS OWN BOI 4
91 Bocca Juniors Substance ‎(12") BOYS OWN BOIX 5
91 Dsk What Would We Do BOYS OWN BOI 6
91 Dsk What Would We Do ‎(12") BOYS OWN BOIX 7
91 Extortion How Do You See Me Now ‎(12") BOYS OWN BOIX 8
92 One Dove Fallen  ‎(12") BOYS OWN BOIX 9
92 One Dove Transient Truth  ‎(12") BOYS OWN BOIX 10
92 Fire Island In Your Bones ‎(12") BOYS OWN BOIX 11
92 Denim Middle Of The Road BOYS OWN BOI 12
93 Underworld Mmm... Skyscraper I Love You ‎(12") BOYS OWN BOIX 13
93 One Dove White Love ‎(12") BOYS OWN BOIX 14
93 One Dove Breakdown ‎(12") BOYS OWN BOIX 15
93 One Dove Why Don'T You Take Me ‎(12") BOYS OWN BOIX 16

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