Independent Reggae label: Brilliant Records managed at least eight singles. It issued singles in an BRIL-0 numerical series. Brilliant Records Former Address: 76 Stanley Gardens Acton London W3 7BL. Bitty McLean born 8 August 1972, Birmingham, is a British/Jamaican reggae, lovers rock and ragga musician. He is best known for his three UK Top 10 hits in 1993 and 1994, including his debut offering "It Keeps Rainin' (Tears from My Eyes)". Distributed By Total Records.

93 Bitty Mclean It Keeps Rainin BRILLIANT BRIL 1
94 Bitty Mclean Dedicated To The One I Love BRILLIANT BRIL 2
94 Bitty Mclean Here I Stand  BRILLIANT BRIL 3
94 Bitty Mclean Dedicated To The One BRILLIANT BRIL 4
94 Bitty Mclean What Goes Around BRILLIANT BRIL 5
94 Sonic Surfers Don't Give It Up ‎(12") BRILLIANT 12 BRIL 6
94 Sonic Surfers Tell Me ‎(12") BRILLIANT 12 BRIL 7
94 Junior Reid Listen To The Voices (12") BRILLIANT BRIL 8
95 Bitty Mclean Over The River BRILLIANT BRIL 9
95 Bitty Mclean We've Only Just Begun BRILLIANT BRIL 10
95 Bitty Mclean Nothing Can Change This Love BRILLIANT BRIL 11

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