Broken Dolly was a DIY label. It managed two singles. It issued singles in an DOLLY-000 numerical series. The Murmurs Of Irma were a psychedelic pop band from Portsmouth, UK (1996-2002). They released three records on the Broken Dolly label: Coloured Ice (7 Vinyl EP) Super Vacillation Day (7 Vinyl EP) Cloudwatch HQ (CD LP) Members: Darryl De Beugny - Vocals Andy Wandless - Guitar Tony Laming - Guitar Mike Fowler - Keyboard Neil Runnals - Bass Mark Vickers - Drums. Distributed By Pinnacle Records.

97 The Murmurs Of Irma  Coloured Ice  BROKEN DOLLY DOLLY 001
99 The Murmurs Of Irma  Super Vacillation Day BROKEN DOLLY DOLLY 002

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