Independent label: Bumper Car Records was a Short lived Hastings based record label It managed two singles. It issued singles in an BUMP-0 and 00 numerical series. The Crayons was a Hastings indie/pop group active from the mid-90s. There have been many line up changes through the years, with front man Mark Rodrigues and guitarist Chris Burton being the two constants. Band Members:Carlos Rodrigues, Chris Burton, James Holcombe, Jim Poulter, Mark Rodrigues, Sarah Emery. Toyskin Band Members: Jay Dennett, Joel Garabedian, Philip Butler, Thomas Collison. Distributed By Bumper Car Records.

98 The Crayons  Heavenly Beverly  BUMPER CAR BUMP 1
99 The Crayons  The Pink & Blue  BUMPER CAR BUMP 02

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