Cacophonous Records is an independent British record label, specializing in metal, black metal, death metal, and gothic metal. Started in 1993, the label grew to fame with early releases by Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, and Bal-Sagoth. Some controversy arose when Cacophonous signed the unblack metal band Antestor. Parent Label was Vinyl Solution. Manufactured By Cacophonous Records And Distributed By Pinnacle.

92 Monolith Sleep With The Dead CACOPHONOUS CHTHONIC 701
93 Megiddo The Blistering Glow Of My Steel CACOPHONOUS CHTHONIC 702
93 Psychic Pawn Disgorged Suppuration CACOPHONOUS CHTHONIC 703
94 Sigh   Suicidogenic CACOPHONOUS CHTHONIC 704

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