Independent label: Camp Fabulous Former Address PO Box 29494 London NW1 7GY. Superstar were a Scottish guitar  band, formed in 1991 by Joe McAlinden, a former member of The Groovy Little Numbers and the BMX Bandits, who also arranged strings for the band Teenage Fanclub. They first appeared on Creation Records in 1992 with the album Greatest Hits vol. 1, which was followed in 1994 by the Capitol Records album Superstar. The band regrouped in 1996 and Jim McCulloch, formerly of the Soup Dragons and the original line-up of the BMX Bandits, joined on lead guitar. They signed a deal with the Camp Fabulous label, who issued the 18 Carat album in 1997. Their single "Superstar" reached number 49 in the UK Singles Chart, but gained a wider audience when it was covered by Rod Stewart on When We Were the New Boys. Distributed ByCamp Fabulous Records.

97 Superstar  18 Carat (Album) CAMP FABULOUS CFAB 001
97 Superstar  Breathing Space  CAMP FABULOUS CFAB 002S
97 Superstar  Every Day I Fall Apart (Cd) CAMP FABULOUS CFAB 003S
97 Not Traced CAMP FABULOUS CFAB 004
97 Superstar  Palm Tree (Album) CAMP FABULOUS CFAB 005
97 Not Traced CAMP FABULOUS CFAB 006
97 Superstar  Superstar  CAMP FABULOUS CFAB 007S
98 Greenship Perfect Smile (Cdi) CAMP FABULOUS CFAB 008
98 Superstar  Vs. Alan Warner Sound Clash (10") CAMP FABULOUS CFAB 009
2000 Superstar  Vs. Alan Warner I Love Love CAMP FABULOUS CFAB 010

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