Independent label: Cavell Records Ltd, Former Address: 26 Goodge Street, London. It managed Two singles. It issued singles in an CVLL-0 numerical series. Cavell Records Eary 90's garage house label. Ouch was Fronted by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Kevin Taylor, this London quartet began life as a Merseybeat band. When their first EP (I Need You More) was released on Cavell Records in 1992, the band  featured Darren Green on keyboards and vocals, Neil Blinkho on bass and vocals and drummer Mark Sellar. Shortly after the release of CVLL 2, the label went belly up and Ouch faded from sight. Distributed By The Total Record Co via BMG.

92 Ouch  I Need You More   CAVELL CVLL 1
92 Spice Don't Do It, Don't Leave  CAVELL CVLL 2

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