Independent label: Data Records was a Punk label from Coventry. Former Address: 28 Silksby Street Coventry CV3 5FX. Manufactured And Distributed By Data Records.

98 Drones Temptations Of A White Collar Worker DATA DATA 001
98 V2 Is Anyone Out There DATA DATA 002
98 Wernt Wreckin Temples (CD)  DATA DATA 003
98 Retaliator Feel The Power DATA DATA 004
98 Wern Barking Spider DATA DATA 005
98 Road Rage Four Go To Frognall  DATA DATA 006
99 Sick On The Bus Punk Police DATA DATA 007
99 Concrete Sox The New E.P DATA DATA 008
99 Nervous Tension Patriotic Shit EP DATA DATA 009
99 Special Duties Wish It Could Be 77 DATA DATA 010
99 Not Traced DATA DATA 011
99 Contempt Justice For Who DATA DATA 012

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