Independent label: Def Jam Recordings is an American record label, focused predominantly on hip hop and urban music, owned by Universal Music Group, and operates as a part of The Island Def Jam Music Group. In the UK, the label takes on the name Def Jam UK and is operated through Virgin EMI.

87 Tashan Thank You Father DEF JAM 650779
87 Ll Cool J I'M Bad DEF JAM 650856
87 Davy D Have You Seen Davy DEF JAM 650860
87 Ll Cool J I Need Love DEF JAM 651101
87 Oran "Juice" Jones Cold Spendin' My $ Money DEF JAM 651121
87 Public Enemy Rebel Without A Pause DEF JAM 651245
87 The Black Flames Are You My Woman? DEF JAM 651334
88 Public Enemy Bring The Noise DEF JAM 651335
88 Davy D Ohh Girl DEF JAM 651452
88 Public Enemy Don'T Believe The Hype DEF JAM 652833
88 Public Enemy Night Of The Living Baseheads DEF JAM 653046
89 Blue Magic Romeo And Juliet DEF JAM 654769
89 Alyson Williams Featuring Nikki-D My Love Is So Raw DEF JAM 654898
89 Alyson Williams I Need Your Lovin' DEF JAM 655143
89 Alyson Williams I Second That Emotion (J And M Remix) DEF JAM 655456
90 Public Enemy Welcome To The Terrordome DEF JAM 655476
90 3Rd Bass The Gas Face (Radio Mix) DEF JAM 655627
89 3Rd Base Brooklyn Queens DEF JAM 655830
89 Public Enemy 911 Is A Joke DEF JAM 655837
90 Public Enemy Brothers Gonna Work It Out DEF JAM 656018
90 Ll Cool J The Boomin' System (Radio 1) DEF JAM 656133
90 Public Enemy Can'T Do Nothin' For Ya Man DEF JAM 656385
90 Ll Cool J Around The Way Girl DEF JAM 656447
91 D Nikki Daddy'S Little Girl DEF JAM 656734
91 Public Enemy Can'T Truss It DEF JAM 657530
92 Public Enemy Shut 'Em Down DEF JAM 657761
92 Public Enemy Nighttrain DEF JAM 657864
87 Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right DEF JAM  650418
89 Alyson Williams Sleep Talk DEF JAM  654656

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