Independent label: Detox Artifacts was Inspired by former 4AD employee Tony Morley Leaf label, two 4AD staff members, Colin Wallace and Lewis Jamieson, formed Detox Artifacts UK in 1996 as a sideline to their day jobs at the parent label. Detox Artifacts UK utilised 4AD's manufacturing and distribution channels. The label closed in 1997 after only a handful of releases. Parent Label:4AD. It managed two singles. It issued singles in an 7DTX-9700 numerical series. Distributed By 4AD Records.

97 Thrush Puppies Lullabys From Levenshulme  DETOX ARTIFACTS 7DTX 9701
97 Ajax Disco Spanner It'S Over (12") DETOX ARTIFACTS DTX 9702
97 Suckle  Symposium  DETOX ARTIFACTS 7DTX 9703

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