Independent label: Deviant Records was Founded by Rob Deacon who had previously headed up Sweatbox and the famous book-with-a-CD compilation series Volume. The final release in Volume's Trance Europe Express series, "Trance Pacific Express", appeared via Deviant. Deacon was convinced by friend Mark Reeder to launch Paul van Dyk onto the UK market via Deviant. Several years of success for Deviant followed, but when the Out There And Back album floundered, van Dyk jumped ship. Fed up with the industry, Rob chose to dissolve Deviant in late 2006/ early 2007 to pursue his other passions - photography, visual arts, Chelsea football club and scuba diving. Rob Deacon died on September 8 2007 in a canoeing accident. Deviant Records was Owned by Phoenix Music International Ltd since 2007. Phoenix Music International Ltd.Former Address: Phoenix Music International Ltd North Lodge Cromer Norfolk NR27 9WX. Distributed By Vital Records.

96 Not Traced DEVIANT DEV 001
96 Mindless Drug Hoover  Don't Take Ecstasy (CD) DEVIANT DEV 002 
96 Mindless Drug Hoover  Don'T Take Ecstasy DEVIANT DVNT 3X

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