Independent label: Discipline Records was a sub-label of Vinyl Japan. Discipline Records Former Address: Vinyl Japan Uk Ltd 281 Camden High Street London NW1. Vinyl Japan is a Japanese-owned London-based indie label specializing in 60s oriented garage, indie guitar, punk rock, hardcore punk and rockin' sounds. Sublabels:Discipline, Jappin' and Rockin'. Vinyl Japan Former Address: 98 Camden Road London NW1 9EA. Distributed By Vinyl Japan.

92 Assfort  The Unlimited Variety Of Noises.   DISCIPLINE FIST 1
96 Doom  Monarchy Zoo  DISCIPLINE FIST 2
96 Chaos U.K King For A Day   DISCIPLINE FIST 3
96 Flux Cored Wire  Flux Cored Wire DISCIPLINE FIST 4
97 No Think  Healthy Happy Hour For Ugly Death DISCIPLINE FIST 5
98 Freaks Fake Your Death DISCIPLINE FIST 6J
98 Youth Enrage  Destructive Progress   DISCIPLINE FIST 7

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