Edgy Records was a DIY label. It managed one singles. It issued singles in an TS-000 numerical series. Sleepy People (later renamed Blue Apple Boy) was a British psychedelic rock band known for eccentric, energetic songs and live performances, as well as for incubating three of the five future members of short-lived (but briefly famous) Britpop band, Ultrasound. The band's roots were in a short-lived previous band called Pop Kid, led by guitarist/songwriter/backing vocalist Paul Hope. Sleepy People subsequently formed around a line-up of Hope, his wife Rachel Theresa (Hope) (flute, backing vocals), Tiny Wood (lead vocals), Richard Green (bass), Kerry Harrison (drums) and Liz Wardby (keyboards). The band established itself in a run-down house in Jesmond, Newcastle, which the members called "Sleepy Hall".[1]) It began making itself a fixture on the small venues of the British live circuit, gaining attention via a bizarre stage act featuring eccentric costumes, make-up and haircuts plus music-hall-style comedy (in the manner of Split Enz and Cardiacs). Tiny Wood also made the most of his imposing stage presence and considerable bulk, dressing up in a variety of costumes (including one resembling a Chinese mandarin). Early supporters of the band included the "Organ" fanzine. Distributed By Edgy Records.

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