Edmonton Green Records was a DIY label. It managed one singles. It issued singles in an EG-4500 numerical series. Since the late nineties, bassist/producer Tony Barber has issued a handful of recordings as Airport, a mixture of post-modern synths and punk guitars (Barber plays all of the instruments himself). In July 1997, the first Airport seven-inch EP, "International Sham", was issued by Edmonton Green Records. Barber -- who is known more for his longtime association with the Buzzcocks-- has also been a member of numerous other groups, including Lack Of Knowledge (1977 - 1985) and Boys Wonder(1986 - 1988), assuming a leadership role in both of these outfits. He's also participated in numerous other projects and produced various other bands, including PP Arnold And The Soul Destroyers, Denim, and IDHA. Barber has also found consistent work as a touring bassist with Buzzcocks bandmate Pete Shelley, as well as various touring lineups for the Alarm, Alternative TV, the Creation, the Rich Kids and UK Subs. In 2000, Barber was involved in the production of Poptones' Selophane Seventy-Four, and during that time, struck a deal with Alan McGee for his group Airport. The label released Lift Off With Airport in 2001. Distributed By Edmonton Green Records.

97 Airport  International Sham  EDMONTON GREEN EG 4501

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