Independent label:  theaudience were a britpop-indie-rock group in the 90s, which were founded by guitarist Billy Reeves, who had formely worked as a press officer at Fire Records and also took part in another indie group called Congregation. The band actually started from a drunken bet. All he needed was a pretty girl who could sing.  A friend introduced Sophie Ellis-Bextor to him in 1996. He nicked the drummer from The Sundays, Patrick Hannan (Patch), hired a good-looking bass player, Kerin Smith, the guitarist Dean Mollett, who used to work at Fire Records, and Nigel Butler (Nyge), keyboards player.  However, one of Billy's demands was that the band released all their material under their own label called eLLeFFe - a phonetic representation of the initials of the late Leo Finlay, formerly Music Week A&R editor. Manufactured And Distributed By Polygram.

97 Theaudience I Got The Wherewithal  ELLEFFE AUD 1
98 Theaudience If You Can'T Do It When You'Re Young; When Can You Do It  ELLEFFE AUD 2
98 Theaudience A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed   ELLEFFE AUD 3
98 Theaudience I Know Enough (I Don'T Get Enough)   ELLEFFE AUD 4

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