End Product Records was a Sub-label of Sony Music. It issued singles in Sony's 650000 numerical series. The Farm is a Liverpool based band that became popular in 1991. The group's most popular releases bridged the gap between late-'80s dance music and classic pop/rock stylings. Band Members include: Steven Levy, George Maher, Keith Mullin, Roy Boulter, Steve Grimes, Peter Hooton, Ben Leach, Phillip Strongman, Anthony Evans, Andy McVann, and John Melvin. End Product was exclusively licensed to Sony Music Entertainment (U.K.) Ltd. Manufactured And Distributed By Sony Music.

92 Farm Rising Sun END PRODUCT 658173 7
92 Farm Don'T You Want Me END PRODUCT 658468 7
92 Farm Love See No Colour  END PRODUCT 658868 7

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