Exile Records Was A Sub-Label Of Polydor Records. It managed one single. It issued singles in Polydor's VANS-0 numerical series. Distributed By Polydor Records.

89 Van Morrison Have I Told You Lately POLYDOR VANS 1
89 Van Morrison With Cliff Richard Whenever God Shines His Light (7" Version) POLYDOR VANS 2
89 Van Morrison Orangefield POLYDOR VANS 3
90 Van Morrison Coney Island POLYDOR VANS 4
90 Van Morrison Gloria POLYDOR VANS 5
90 Van Morrison Real Real Gone POLYDOR VANS 6
90 Van Morrison In The Days Before Rock 'n' Roll POLYDOR VANS 7
91 Van Morrison Enlightenment POLYDOR VANS 8
91 Van Morrison With The Chieftains I Can't Stop Loving You POLYDOR VANS 9
91 Van Morrison Why Must I Always Explain POLYDOR VANS 10
93 Van Morrison And John Lee Hooker Gloria EXILE / POLYDOR VANS 11

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