Faith Records was a DIY label. It managed one singles. It issued singles in an FAIRE-000 numerical series. Chicane was Founded in 1991 and split 1994. In 1991 Chicane  began writing and rehearsing a completely new batch of songs, intent upon getting some sort of success out of it all. After setting up our own label (Faith Records) they released there first single "Inflammable EP" in September. 12" vinyl only with the tracks 'Inflammable', 'When The Truth Hits Home' and 'Asphalt Eyes'. Line-up: Alex Comyn (singer/guitars) Mark Vidler (guitars) Jon Morley (bass) Steve Sargent (drums). Distributed By Backs and Pinnacle Records.

91 Chicane  Inflammable ‎(12") FAITH FAIRE 001
91 Chicane  Sunrising ‎(12") FAITH FAIRE 002
92 Chicane  Wanderlust ‎(12") FAITH FAIRE 003
92 Chicane  Think ‎(12") FAITH FAIRE 004
94 Chicane  Goldrush FAITH FAIRE 005

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