Fast Tracks Records was a DIY label. It managed one single. It issued singles in an FT-000 numerical series. Jynine James (born 1972 in North Wales)  is a Welsh actress/singer. Former convent schoolgirl Jynine became a photographic model in the early 1990s working for corporate companies such as Contessa and Chris Evans Photography, in a rebellious stand from her strict schooling. By 1992 Jynine's talents for music and songwriting led to a recording contract and the release of a number of singles and an album. During the 1990s Jynine worked and recorded with musicians Paul Burgess on percussion (10cc)and (Icicle Works) Tim Sanders vocalist and songwriter (The City Zones),Steve Millington keyboards and songwriter (Kes) and Legendary guitarist Peter Frampton. Both Paul Burgess and Peter Frampton appeared on Jynine's first single release "No Reason" issued both on 7" single,as a limited issue and cd single format by Fast Tracks Records in 1993. Distributed By Fast Tracks Records.

93 Jynine James  No Reason  FAST TRACKS  FT001 93V

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