Independent label: FatLip Recordings was an independent record label owned, operated and releasing music by the band Curve. The label was only active when Curve wished to release music independently. It was first used in 1996. Curve had recently reunited, having been split up for two years, and were without a record label, as their previous deal with Anxious Records had expired. They therefore self-released the 'Pink Girl with the Blues' single on their own FatLip Recordings label. The label became dorment when the band signed with Universal Records. Curve was an English music group formed in 1990 chiefly around the collaboration of singer/songwriter Toni Halliday and bassist/guitarist/programmer Dean Garcia. Manufactured By FatLip Recordings And Distributed By Vital. 

96 Curve Pink Girl With The Blues  FATLIP RECORDINGS LIP 001

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