Independent label: Echobelly Formed in 1992 Led by vocalist Sonya Aurora Madan. Madan formed Echobelly with Glenn Johansson (guitar), Debbie Smith (guitar), Alex Keyser (bass), and Andy Henderson (drums). Their first EP 'Bellyache' (released on the independent Pandemonium label) was soon followed, in 1994, by their debut album, 'Everyone's Got One' (released on their own label, Fauve). Fauve Records Former Address: 117-121 Salisbury Roard Queens Studios London  NW6 6RG. Manufactured And Distributed By Sony Music.

94 Echobelly  Insomniac  FAUVE   FAUV 1
94 Echobelly  I Can'T Imagine The World Without Me FAUVE   FAUV 2
94 Echobelly Everyone'S Got One (Album) FAUVE   FAUV 3
94 Echobelly  Close But FAUVE   FAUV 4
95 Echobelly Great Things FAUVE   FAUV 5
95 Echobelly On (Album) FAUVE   FAUV 6
95 Echobelly King Of The Kerb FAUVE   FAUV 7
96 Echobelly Dark Therapy FAUVE   FAUV 8

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