Independent label: Ferric Mordant is a Newcastle-based label with six releases under its belt so far: two seven inch singles and two compact disc albums by Spraydog, one seven inch by Io and one seven inch by Milky Wimpshake. Ferric Mordant formed by the band Spraydog  from Newcastle upon Tyne, who formed in Chester-le-Street and Newcastle upon Tyne, The current line up consists of Steve Robson (vocals, guitar), Maria Fontana (vocals), Phil Tyler (guitar) James Atkinson (bass) and Jonny Partington (drums). Ferric Mordant Records Former Address: p.o.box 54 Heaton Newcastle Upon Tyne NE6 5YW. Distributed By Ferric Mordant Records.

97 Spraydog Alinear FERRIC MORDANT FE 1
98 IO Something Out There FERRIC MORDANT FE 2
99 Spraydog Run The Lights E.P. FERRIC MORDANT FE 3
2000 Spraydog Citrus Bitumen (Album)  FERRIC MORDANT FE 4
2000 Milky Wimpshake  Dialling Tone FERRIC MORDANT FE 5
2000 Spraydog  Lintered (Album)  FERRIC MORDANT FE 6

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