Independent label:  Fire Records is an independent record label in London, England. The label was founded by Clive Solomon in 1986 and is currently run by James Nicholls. Fire is partnered with Runt Distribution for some releases in North America. Manufactured Nine Mile And Distributed By. Pinnacle, and The Cartel.


Fire Records 'Spawning Monsters' 7" Series.

93 Gigolo Aunts Mrs. Washington FIRE 7 SM  1
94 Nightblooms Hold On FIRE 7 SM  2
94 Thrum Here I Am FIRE 7 SM  3
95 Fitz of Depression See Me, Hear Me FIRE 7 SM  4
95 Halo Benders The Don't Touch My Bikini   FIRE 7 SM  5
95 Cottonmouth Something Scratching (One-sided promo only) FIRE COTTON 1
93 Gigolo Aunts Shame FIRE AUNTS 1

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