Independent label: Floppy Records It issued singles in an FLOP-000 numerical series. Floppy Records Former Address: 24 Murray Road Rugby Warwicks CV21 3JN. Distributed By Floppy Records.

94 Not Traced FLOPPY FLOP 001
94 Not Traced FLOPPY FLOP 002
94 Tinkerbell's Dope Ring Ram/America  FLOPPY FLOP 003
94 Tinkerbell's Dope Ring  Mindless  FLOPPY FLOP 004
94 Various Artists Get Stuffed EP FLOPPY FLOP 005
92 The Losers  So You Think You Know About Boys (Flexi)  FLOPPY FLOP 006
93 The Losers  Admit It FLOPPY FLOP 007

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