Friends Of Harry Records was a DIY label. It managed one singles. It issued singles in an F.O.H numerical series. Friends of Harry were an English pop folk group. Best known for their song "Take It All". Formed in Newcastle in 1988 from the remains of two other Newcastle bands "Pop, Dick and Harry" and "The Bats". Members Chris Yeamans - Guitar, Vocals.Sav Scatola - Guitar. Zoe Lambert - Accordion, Vocals. Phyll Scammell - Bass, Vocals. Rob Brown - Drums, Vocals. Friends Of Harry Records former address: 27 Wolseley Gardens Jesmond Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE2 1HR. Distributed By Friends Of Harry Records.

91 Friends Of Harry  Take It All  FRIENDS OF HARRY F.O.H.  9.1.91

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