FSA Records was a DIY label. Set up in 1992 for the release of material from Flying Saucer Attack. Early releases were partially home made with several limited runs of differing designs. The label would see a period of inactivity while the band recorded for Domino Recordings, however, in 1999 they returned to Heartbeat Productions, issuing product through FSA. It issued singles in an FSA-00 numerical series. Flying Saucer Attack was an experimental space rock band that formed in Bristol in 1992. David Pearce was the core member of the group, and Rachel Brook was a member for most of the band's lifetime. Distributed By Cargo Records.

93 Flying Saucer Attack Soaring High (Ep) FSA FSA 6
93 Flying Saucer Attack Wish Oceans  FSA FSA 61
93 Flying Saucer Attack Flying Saucer Attack (Album) FSA FSA 62
93 Flying Saucer Attack Crystal Shade  FSA FSA 63
94 Flying Saucer Attack Mirror (Album) FSA FSA 64

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