Independent label: It managed three singles. It issued singles in an GO-GO-000 numerical series. The Kynd was a  indie rock band from Buckinghamshire that were professionally active from 19962000. The band consisted of Paul King (vocals), Danny Tipping (guitar), Tristan Tipping (bass), Bradley Hills (drums), and from 19982000, Richard Elson (keyboards/backing vocals). The Kynd were part of the Britpop explosion of bands during the 1990s and released two singles and an album before disbanding in 2000. and Pillbox was a London based alternative rock band led by Seattle born singer/songwriter/guitarist Susan Hyatt. Distributed By SRD Records.

96 Kynd Egotripper GO GO GIRL   GO-GO 001
97 Kynd World'S Finest GO GO GIRL   GO-GO 002
97 Pillbox Chronic Jack  GO GO GIRL   GO-GO 003

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