Independent label: Guernica was a 4AD offshoot label that releases one-shots by bands not otherwise signed to 4AD: Guernica have not released anything in several years, and are thought to be dysfunctional now. All of the vinyl Guernica releases included a 7'' with additional tracks along with the LP.) Manufactured By 4AD Records And Distributed By Rough Trade.

92 Unrest Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl GUERNICA GU  1 S
92 Underground Lovers Leaves Me Blind GUERNICA GU  2 S
92 Bettie Serveert
Brain Tag
93 Insides Further Distractions GUERNICA GU  4 S
93 Spoonfed Hybrid Bullets And Bees GUERNICA GU  5 S
93 That Dog Buy Me Flowers GUERNICA GU  6 S

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