Honey Records Records was a DIY label of the band Drugstore Keith Mullin & Eddie Lundon. It issued singles in an HON-0 numerical series. Drugstore are a London-based alternative and dream pop band, led by Brazilian singer-songwriter and bassist Isabel Monteiro, formed with Dave Hunter later replaced by Daron Robinson on guitar and Mike Chylinski on drums. Distributed By Go Disc Records.

93 Drugstore Alive HONEY HON 1
94 Not Traced HONEY HON 2
94 Drugstore Starcrossed HONEY HON 3
95 Drugstore Nectarine HONEY HON 4
95 Drugstore Driving HONEY HON 5
95 Drugstore Solitary Party Groover HONEY HON 6
95 Drugstore Fader ? HONEY HON 7
95 Drugstore Injection HONEY HON 8
95 Not Traced HONEY HON 9
96 Drugstore Mondo Cane HONEY HON 10
95 Drugstore   Xmas At The Drugstore HONEY DXMAS 95

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