Independent label: IQ Records was a sub-label of London Records. It issued singles in an BMG ZB numerical series. Distributed By BMG Records.

90 Pack & Nigel Benn Stand And Fight IQ ZB 44237
91 Joanne Jump To The Beat IQ ZB 44311
91 Mix Masters Night Fever Megamix IQ ZB 44339
91 Sonia Only Fools IQ ZB 44613
91 Uk Mixmasters, The Lucky 7 Megamix IQ ZB 44731
91 J4L & P Keep Me Satisfied IQ ZB 44736
91 Sophie Lawrence Love'S Unkind IQ ZB 44821
91 Baby O Ritmo De La Noche IQ ZB 44905
91 Sonia Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy IQ ZB 44935
91 Sonia You To Me Are Everything IQ ZB 45121
91 Sophie Lawrence Secrets IQ ZB 45129

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