Independent label: Jackass Records managed five singles. It issued singles in an JAK-0 numerical series. Jackass Records Former Address: P.O.Box 1471 London N5 2LY. Distributed By Pinnacle.

92 Oil Seed Rape  Paid (12") JACKASS JAK 1
92 Oil Seed Rape  Six Steps To Womanhood (Album) JACKASS JAK 2
92 Terminal Cheesecake Gateau De Space (12") JACKASS JAK 3
93 Oil Seed Rape Parker Knoll  JACKASS JAK 4
94 Terminal Cheesecake Oily Hot Knife  JACKASS JAK 5
94 Zoopsia Assisi  JACKASS JAK 6
94 Pushkins  Lotuseater  JACKASS JAK 7
94 Terminal Cheesecake King Of All Spaceheads (12") JACKASS JAK 8
94 Nub  Blue Climber  JACKASS JAK 9
95 Various Artists Closing The Stable Door After The Horse Has Bolted JACKASS CILLA 1

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