Independent label: JSNTGM Records Stands for Just Say No To Government Music. Long-running UK punk rock label formed in the early 1990s by Andy Higgins of Erase Today. Particularly interested in releasing worthwhile music from the Blackpool scene past & present.
Former Address: JSNTGM Records, P.O. Box 1O25, Blackpool, FY3 0FA. Distributed By Cargo.

93 Erase Today The Economic Prison JSNTGM JSNTGM 001
94 Erase Today Velocity To Connect JSNTGM JSNTGM 002
95 Various Artists A Blackpool E.P.   JSNTGM JSNTGM 003
96 Four Letter Word Words That Burn Ep JSNTGM JSNTGM 004
97 Erase Today A Big Yes & A Little No JSNTGM JSNTGM 005
98 Erase Today London, Ny The World JSNTGM JSNTGM 006
99 Travis Cut No Good With Words   JSNTGM JSNTGM 007
99 Not Traced JSNTGM JSNTGM 008
2000 Erase Today The Velocity To Connect JSNTGM JSNTGM 009
2001 Not Traced JSNTGM JSNTGM 010
2001 Four Letter Word The Band That Time Forgot JSNTGM JSNTGM 011
2002 Higgins++ Commercial Brake (Album) JSNTGM JSNTGM 012
2002 Z/28 Wrecks From The Highway (Album) JSNTGM JSNTGM 013
2003 Sick 56 Recipe For Disaster JSNTGM JSNTGM 014
2004 Dina Work The Switch JSNTGM JSNTGM 015
2004 Sick 56 Out Of A Black Pool Ep JSNTGM JSNTGM 016
2005 Sick56 New Day New Enemy E.P. JSNTGM JSNTGM 017

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