Independent label: Lakota was originally set up by George Leonards and Martin Woolford. Lakota was a nightclub situated off Stokes Croft, Bristol. In 1990 the bank decided to call in receivers to sell the club as the mortgage rate rose at that time to 15% and the club couldn't meet the repayments. Bentleigh and Marti Burgess decided to raise the money to purchase the clubs from the receivers. During the late nineties Lakota became one of the most famous clubs in the country and the Burgess family were able to expand the empire to include a record company, merchandise shop and DJ agency. In March 2008 when plans was announced to demolish the club.  The club was demolished in 2011. Distributed By Lakota Records, Former Address: 6 Upper York Street, Bristol, BS2 8QE.

96 Ultra Montanes Cells (CD) LAKOTA LAK 001CD
96 Jubilee Allstars By the End of the Night LAKOTA LAK 7002
96 Ultra Montanes Anyway (CD) LAKOTA LAK 002CD
97 Jubilee Allstars Which Kind LAKOTA LAK 7004
97 Jubilee Allstars  Keep on Chewin' LAKOTA LAK 7005
97 Ultra Montanes Late  LAKOTA LAK 7006
98 Ultra Montanes Cells  LAKOTA LAK 7
98 Ultra Montanes Weird Turn Pro. (CD) LAKOTA LAK CD0008
98 Jubilee Allstars Sunday Miscellany LAKOTA LAK CD009
98 Ultra Montanes Ageing Starlet (CD) LAKOTA LAK CD7010
99 Jj72 October Swimmer LAKOTA LAK 7011
99 Jj72 LAKOTA LAK 7012
99 Jubilee Allstars The North Fredrick Lane EPs LAKOTA LAK CD0013
2000 Jj72 Snow LAKOTA LAK 7014
2000 JJ72 Long Way South  LAKOTA LAK 7015
2000 JJ72 Oxygen LAKOTA LAK 7016
2000 Jj72 Jj72 (CD) LAKOTA LAK CD7017
2001 Jj72  October Swimmer (CD) LAKOTA LAK CD7018
2001 Jj72  Snow LAKOTA LAK 7019
2001 JJ72 Algeria LAKOTA LAK  CD7020

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