Independent label: Land Speed Records Not to be confused with the Hip-Hop label Landspeed Records. Under exclusive licence to EMI Records Ltd. Parent Label: EMI Premier. Former Address: Landspeed Records P.O. Box 11321 London N1 8SZ. Distributed By Cargo Records.

97 Annika Ström The Best Of Artist Songs By Annika Ström LAND SPEED EP  4601.01
97 Annika Ström Summer 96  LAND SPEED EP  4601.01

97 Not Traced LAND SPEED LSR  44.01.01
97 Mitten Warm Boy LAND SPEED LSR  44.01.02

97 Blond Catnap LAND SPEED LSR  47.01.01

97 Ambassadors               Wrong,Fault,Leave EP       LAND SPEED LSR  49.02.01  

97 Minu              Oh ! Minu        LAND SPEED LSR  372.01.01   
95 Mitten The Foxy Music E.P. LAND SPEED FOXY 001

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