LBC Records was a DIY label. It managed one singles. It issued singles in an TS-000 numerical series. Written by Lynsey de Paul and credited as "Lynsey & Friends", this song is a cover version of the original single by Shirley Bassey. It was recorded as the official theme to the London Parade and features Frankie Vaughan, Patti Boulaye, Gareth Hunt, Kenny Lynch, Rula Lenska, Gwen Taylor, Lionel Blair, Lorraine Chase, Pam St. Clements, Harry Fowler, Mark Arden, Jeremy Gittins, Cynthia Payne, Polly James, Larry Adler, Rosemarie, Victor Spinetti, Gordon Kaye and Rodger Kitter. Lynsey de Paul was a singer and songwriter was born as Lynsey Rubin in England in 1951 - she changed her name in the early 1970's. Some of her most successful songs have been "Sugar Me" and "Rock Bottom". Distributed By LBC Records.

94 Lynsey And Friends  There's No Place Like London  LBC YMLDP 1

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