Independent label: Lemon Records Former Address: 17 Dorset Square London NW1 6OB. Power of Dreams are a Dublin, Ireland based pop/rock band, built around the vocals and songwriting of Craig Walker (guitar/vocals) Keith Walker (drums) Mick Lennox (bass) Ian Olney (guitar). Kinky Machine were a 1990s indie rock band. with members including Louis Eliot and Johnny Bull who went on to form Rialto, and Julian Fenton who later joined The Lightning Seeds.The band was formed in West London in late 1991 by Louis Eliot (vocals, guitar) and Julian Fenton (drums), adding Johnny Bull (guitar), and Malcolm Pardon (bass guitar). Distributed By Revolver.

92 Not Traced LEMON LEMON 1
92 360'S Texas (Cd, Single) LEMON LEMON 2
92 Kinky Machine Going Out With God Ep (12") LEMON LEMON 3
92 Kinky Machine Swivelhead LEMON LEM 4
92 Power Of Dreams Second Son E.P. (Cd) LEMON LEMON 005
93 Kinky Machine Supernatural Giver (12") LEMON LEMON 006
93 Lovecraft Medicine LEMON LEM 007
93 Power Of Dreams Cathy'S World (Cd) LEMON LEMON 008
93 Power Of Dreams Positivity (Album) LEMON LEMON 009
93 Top I Want You (Cd) LEMON LEMON 010
93 Sack Dilettanti (Cd) LEMON LEMON 011
94 Sack Indian Rope Trick (12") LEMON LEMON 012
94 Sack  What Did The Christians Ever Do For Us LEMON LEM  013
94 Sack You Are What You Eat (Album) LEMON LEMON 014
94 Not Traced LEMON LEMON 015
94 Subjagger
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