Independent label: Lime Street Records Former Address 5 Clair Court, Lime Street, Bedford MK40 1NH. The Nubiles were Formed in Oxford in 1993 when Tara Milton, the former bass player with Five Thirty, met guitarist Chris Nettleton and they began to write songs together. The original line up featured Tara, Chris, Giorgio Curcetti on Lead Guitar and Dan Goddard on Drums. The Pecadiloes was from Bedford, Bedfordshire, Members Nick Mailing (vocals, guitar), Elliot Walsh (bass, vocals), Ian Campbell (keyboards), Pip (drums). The Junket were a trio from the town of Kettering in Northamptonshire. Members Rick - Guitar/Lead Vocals Reu - Drums Steve - Bass/Vocals. Distributed By Vital.

95 Nubiles  Layabout  LIME STREET LS 01
95 Nubiles  Without Waking   LIME STREET LS 02
95 Nubiles  Tatjana (All Over Me)  LIME STREET LS 03
96 Nubiles  I Wanna Be Your Kunta Kinte (Cd) LIME STREET LS 04
96 Pecadiloes  Wanting Song  LIME STREET LS 05
97 Pecadiloes  U.S.S.O  LIME STREET LS 06
97 Not Traced LIME STREET LS 07
97 Nubiles  Layabout Vs Mindblender (Cd) LIME STREET LS 08
98 Not Traced LIME STREET LS 09
99 Junket Punk Micky  LIME STREET LS 10

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