Independent label: Linoleum were a London-based indie alternative musical group formed in 1994. Caroline Finch and Paul Jones first met in 1991, and began writing songs together. Finch (vocals, guitar) and Jones (guitar) were joined in 1994 by Dave Nice (drums), and in 1995 by Emma Tornaro (bass guitar), The band set up their own Lino Vinyl label and all relases were on this label between 1996 and 1997. Distributed By Vital.

96 Linoleum  Dissent LINO VINYL LINO 001
96 Linoleum  Smear LINO VINYL LINO 002
97 Linoleum  On A Tuesday LINO VINYL LINO 003
97 Linoleum  Marquis LINO VINYL LINO 004

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