Mad Cat Records was a DIY label. It managed one single. It issued singles in an BSE-0 numerical series. The Potting Sheds formed in 1988 in Lowestoft, Suffolk, and quickly released the cassette-only Good Effort and Meryl Steep EPs. Later in 1990 Unsaid was featured on a 7" flexidisc available with the launch issue of Eyesore You fanzine. This was qickly followed by the Second Best 7" - the debut release on Mat Cat Records. Band Members: David Miles (Bass), Will Taylor (Guitar), Steve Chapman (Drums), Paul Fox (Vocals 1990 - 1991), Phil McClarnon (Vocals 1991-1993). Distributed By Mad Cat Records.

90 The Potting Sheds Unsaid (Flexi) MAD CAT  BSE 1
90 The Potting Sheds Second Best MAD CAT  BSE 2

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